• A Bit of Boat History

    A Bit of Boat History

    This site follows up on any and all leads concerning the whereabouts of square meter boats in North America. Following up on these leads still gives us the ability to speak with past owners of these magnificent boats and collect their experiences and photos.

  • Launch of Hansia

    Launch of Hansia

    After four years and one month, US-44, formerly S-185, Hansia, fka Nagala was lowered into Puget Sound.

  • Generations of Boat Builders

    Generations of Boat Builders

    What follows is Ryan’s narration of his family’s boat building history. Enjoy!

  • VIXEN - Brooklin Boat Yard

    VIXEN - Brooklin Boat Yard

    VIXEN is a 15 square meter “skerry” boat designed by Knud Reimers

  • Wallon Sailers' Video

    Wallon Sailers' Video

    Wallon Sailers racing 17 square meter boats

Chase Family Film

Chase Family Film

Chase Family video of trip to Sweden and Germany, 1930 I became a 30 Square Meter enthusiast in 1962 when my father purchased Northern Light, U.S. 27, S-13 (also known as Marianne, Bosun Bird, and lastly, Lil). I loved that boat with a passion. It drove me to contact every owner/sailor of 30s I could find to learn their stories ... Read More »

1995 Louis Vuitton Cup Sinking

1995 Louis Vuitton Cup Sinking

The AUS-35, a sailing ship representing Australia in the 1995 Louis Vuitton Cup, suddenly sinks halfway through the race forcing all crew members on board to abandon the ship. They would go onto the finals with a backup ship, but lose to New Zealand.   (View Count 31) Read More »

Bacchant back in Sweden


via Scandinavian Classic Yacht Trust. The last 75 sq m built, Bacchant, has returned to Sweden after more than 25 years in the United States. The Reimers-designed masterpiece is in extremely good condition thanks to the former owner Jerry Sullivan in Milwaukee.The Swedish classic yacht community is delighted, since many yachts have been sold abroad and very few have returned. ... Read More »

VIXEN – Brooklin Boat Yard


VIXEN is a 15 square meter “skerry” boat designed by Knud Reimers and built in 1937 by Oscar Schelin at Kungsors Boat Yard in Central Sweden. Just prior to World War II she was imported to the United Kingdom where she joined a small but active fleet of “meter boats”. Not much of VIXEN’s post World War II history is ... Read More »

Authors Needed!!!!


A website lives and dies by the content it presents. This site is designed in a magazine format with the intention to allow others besides the administrator and editor to post content to the site. If you are a boat owner looking for a way to document the restoration of your boat or a boat owner wishing  to share their ... Read More »

15 Square Meter


The 15 square meter class is very popular in Europe, but we do not know of any in the United States.  If anyone knows of any please contact this site. (View Count 36) Read More »

Udell Update 2011

U10 - Kona II with the Chicago skyline, courtesy Robert Christie

This update has been in the works for quite some time, but this is what has been going on. U10 – Kona II with the Chicago skyline, courtesy Robert Christie U5 Patriot Barbara reports that Patriot has been under restoration since the winter of 2010. Patriot attended the 2010 22s championship in Sweden where Patriot was very appreciated. During the ... Read More »