Josephine US-4/US-22 For Sale


When it is cold and snowing out and you have nothing to do during the long winter just remember that 2015 was the year to buy that square meter!  The 30 sqm boat Josephine is for sale in London, Ontario, Canada.  The boat is part way through a restoration with the hull work being completed which included all major planking, ribs, ...

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Sonja S200/US22 Update

SONJA-1940-CrescentYC-Todd Fredericks-from RichV-2007.psd

The appraisal of S200/US22 is in and as expected she is a beautiful boat.  A survey was not performed, but the appraisal was performed by a AME/SAMS certified inspector. The appraisal verifies that Sonja is in sound condition which reflects the care and maintenance performed over 40 years of ownership.  The appraised value was given as being between $50,000 and ... Read More »

Sonja S200/US22 For Sale

Sonja US22

2015 is turning into the year that you finally get the chance to buy that square meter boat you have been needing.  So far this year two boats have gotten new owners who will preserve them and sail them for many years to come.  Last month it was a surprise to find out that a significant boat from the Detroit ... Read More »

Eja S-211


Hello, I am looking for any information on a 22 sq meter my father owned in Milwaukee, Wi. The name of the boat was Eja, S 211. my father said she was one of the larger 22′s built, she was a Sweden boat but we never knew who the designer was.In a storm on lake Michigan she broke away from ... Read More »

Searching for a seefahrtcruizer of 1937


Hi there. I wonder if anyone visiting your site might be able to help me… I have been chasing a ‘windfall’ yacht for two years now, and have come to what might be a dead end – but perhaps some ‘windfall’ fan out there might just know something that I dont.Here goes…27 ton ketch/cutter rigged yacht/seefartcruizer original name ‘Seewolf’, built ... Read More »

Sorry Jim!


I apologize Jim for not posting about your restoration sooner. At the end of August Jim Faugust gave me the grand tour of the refit he is doing of Britta. I have included some of the pictures I took during my visit, but my memory is not what it used to be. Jim maybe you could comment on this post ... Read More »

Cheers! no wait “Kippis”


This site was contacted by a son and father looking to get some information about a boat that they will be restoring.  The name of the boat is “Kippis” which is Finnish for Cheers. The boat was found last year after being in storage for 20 plus years and it is in need of considerable restoration.  They are looking to ... Read More »

Venice of the North


Here is a video that may be interest to our friends in Sweden.  It is an American ‘News Reel’ type film of Stockholm in 1936.  I feel justified in posting this video on a site related to square meter sailing because at minute 5:01 in the film there appears to be a square meter boat.  Check it out and tell ... Read More »

The Emperor’s New Boat is SOLD!


Lancea matches in specification to the 22 square meter boat designed by Knud Reimers for the Emperor of Annam in 1928. Length 36′ Length, water-line 22′ 7″ Beam 6′ Draft 4′ 3 1/4″ Sail Area 236 sq. ft. Lancea is in fine shape and has been in storage for the last four years following a freshen up at the boat ... Read More »

US-42 Evintea is SOLD!


Harry Levack, a long time square meter sailor in Port Huron is selling his boat Evintea.  Evintea is a Reimers Solent design built in 1939 at Motala Boat Works.  Evintea has been well cared for by a succession of loving owners and Harry has lovingly maintained and enjoyed Evintea for 27 years.  She has been on the hard for four ... Read More »