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VIXEN – Brooklin Boat Yard

Brooklin Boat Yard VIXEN

VIXEN is a 15 square meter “skerry” boat designed by Knud Reimers and built in 1937 by Oscar Schelin at Kungsors Boat Yard in Central Sweden. Just prior to World War II she was imported to the United Kingdom where she joined a small but active fleet of “meter boats”. Not much of VIXEN’s post World War II history is known but in the summer of 2010 she was sailed in the Uffa Fox Challenge Race 1000 miles from England to Sweden and after the race was left in Sweden and put up for sale.

VIXEN was purchased sight unseen by a client who had already had a very successful restoration experience with Brooklin Boat Yard that being the total restoration of KATRINKA. While not always advisable to purchase a boat without even seeing it the client figured VIXEN had to be in at least OK shape (she’s just sailed the North and Baltic Seas) so VIXEN was packed into a shipping container and arrived here at Brooklin Boat Yard in late July of 2011. While she was in good enough shape to sail that year’s Eggemoggin Reach Regatta it was clear that quite a bit of restoration work was needed.

Once VIXEN’s restoration was competed approximately 75% of her frames and floors and 50% of her hull planking had been replaced along with a new deck, cockpit, cabin house and all new deck hardware.

VIXEN now lives here in Brooklin but she travels quite a bit (by land) to compete in as many of the classic yacht regattas as she can.

Brooklin Boat Yard VIXEN

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  1. You can’t see it in these photos but Vixen also has her lovely, original curved, hollow mast with integral luff groove built into the trailing edge of the mast.
    One change to her rig was to incorporate an asymetrical spinnaker that flys from the hounds (we didn’t dare try to top of the mast as it is so delicate-but we wanted to!) and is tacked just behind the stem, leading to an underdeck, multipart tack arrangement.

    Big sail area kept low and easier to gybe than a spinnaker with pole.

  2. Roy Dick, Leicester, UK

    I used to be the foredeck hand on Vixen and occasionally skipper her on the river Forth in Scotland at the Royal Forth Yacht Club from 1954 to 1959.

    I am pleased to see the above comment reference the beautiful curved, rule cheating, mast. It was often commented that she looked like the backstay was done up rather tight. the mainsail had a huge, again, rule cheating, curved roach. I hope the new owner has retained it.

    With reference to the spinnaker, the original was symmetrical and flew from the hounds. She was modified for a genoa in 1954 when all the sails were changed from canvas to man made material.

    She really was a grand old lady.

    Roy Dick, UK

    • A photograph of Vixen still hangs in the Royal Forth Yacht Club (together with a picture of Cinque 30 square metre K5 and another of Ingrid 22 square metre S168). I have in mind to write an article on the square metre rule yachts for the club Yearbook or our website and would be very interested to speak or exchange e-mails with anybody who has sailed Vixen. Sadly I cannot find any reference now to either Cinque or Ingrid.
      Charles Morton

  3. Hi my name is Jack Tennant, i work at Blyth Harbour in the North East of england and i work along side Retired CPT Phillip Charlton. I beleive he was the previous owner of Vixen and sold it to a MR Bill Norris. Phill has been looking for Bill for a while now regarding information about the boat. If anyone knows of anyway to contact him personaly or if he no longer owns the boat, any information on the new owner could you please pass on my personal email address to him that would be great. Thanks J Tennant.

    • Roy Dick, Leicester, UK

      In view of the comments on the “Vixen” forum, is it possible for the current owner to bring us all up to date on Vixen?
      It was a pleasure to “find” her again after 55 years. She is a very pretty boat and it made me very sad when we parted company when I joined the Royal Air Force at the end of the 1959 season.
      It in my mind to build a scale model of her. Are there any drafts in existence? Knowing the overall length, I can scale off the various measurements fairly accurately from the photos of her in the water and on the trailer. The sail plan and rigging layout can be sorted from a photo of her sailing side on. The only difficult dimension is the beam as I cannot accurately recall this dimension. My memory says about 7’3″ but this may be a bit out.
      Roy Dick

      • If it is still in “your mind” to build a model of “Vixen”, I have copies of her lines and can send you some if you would like them. I owned her for some time and have both a model and a half-model. Incidentally her beam is 5′ 8″. I just came across your comments whilst browsing this site by chance. I give the imperial dimension as at our age metric is perhaps a foreign language. Regards.

        • Apologies – my post ended up in an unexpected place – see above, third one down.

        • Hi Phil… my son and I own the 22 SqM Kippis, and are in the process of restoring her. (See my posts on the website.) It isn’t clear to me whether Vixen is a 22SqM, but if she is, I’d love to have a copy of her lines, and any other pertinent info you may have about restoration. I’ll be happy to pay any expenses for these.

          Thanks… JB Crane

        • Dear Mr Charlton,
          I have only just seen your post reference copies of Vixen’s lines.
          When I sailed on her, she was owned by Bill Hunter and was based at the Royal Forth Yacht Club at Granton near Edinburgh. I was foredeck hand and occasional skipper from 1954 until the end of the 1959 season when I left home to join the Royal Air Force. I have been in contact with Andrew Norris in America. He has kept the 15/K1 sail number and is sailing her with an asymmetric spinnaker. She was equipped with a new mast last year using the original mast as a pattern.
          He has removed the foredeck hatch and has taken the running backstays through the deck and the tensioning arrangement is under the side decks.
          Unfortunately, she is no longer varnished as the damage repairs after she was holed when her moorings parted in the Gareloch left the hull with different coloured mahogany planking. She is now has a pale blue hull.
          To get back to the question of line drawings, if it is not too inconvenient, I would be pleased if we could arrange to get hold of them. I did make a start to the model but it went “on hold” because my shed is not heated and the winter was approaching. I was working from a drawing of a generic 15 sq.m. in an Uffa Fox book.
          Best regards,
          Roy Dick

        • Hello Mr. Carlton,
          I am studying for a while the idea of “home” building a replica of a classic yacht and those plans would be a great help.
          Are those plans of the Vixen available for share?

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