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Cheers! no wait “Kippis”

This site was contacted by a son and father looking to get some information about a boat that they will be restoring.  The name of the boat is “Kippis” which is Finnish for Cheers.
The boat was found last year after being in storage for 20 plus years and it is in need of considerable restoration.  They are looking to discover as much as possible about the history of the boat.
The boat is said to have been built in Sweden in 1929 and it is 32 feet long.  The name is original to the boat and they may even have the original sails.  A sail number will be coming soon.

They have also been looking for a hull number, does anyone have a suggestion as to where on the hull to look?

Please comment below if you have any information in regards to this boat.


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  1. Hello and greetings from Finland! Unfortunately we haven’t found any square metre yacht with a name “Kippis” Please let us know the measurements and the sail number. That would make it much easier to identify the yacht. Good luck with the project! Heikki

  2. As Heikki says, more measurements would be helpful, in particular the exact overall length, and the beam. It would also be helpful to have a photo of the cabin-top from above, many designers had their own way of laying out the coach-roof and a photo might help identify her.

    Some of the boatyards operating in 1929 are still operating and may have archives, one being the Kungsor boatyard, see

    Some boatyards used hull numbers, but there was no standard place to put it, although the beams under the mast would be worth exploring.

    Is she built with all wood frames, or is she composite with steel frames every third?

    Good luck with the restoration.


  3. Hello!

    This yacht is very likely desiged by Gustav Estlander. She was built during the period 1928-30 or maybe even 1931. Ber mesusres in the metric system is probably about lenght 10,7 m and beam 1,8 m. A number of yachts of similar design was built during this period. She is very much like the S 92″ Roulette” that is owned by the father of a very good friend of mine! For further info please e-mail me!

    Best regards

    Peter Björkdal

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