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Kippis Update!

Last night this site received word from the owners of the 22 sqm “Kippis” that she is coming to the end of her restoration!  It is great to hear and congratulations to John for sticking with it!


Since our last posting, work has gone well on the Kippis, and she’s almost ready for rigging. Our boatbuilder has done a great job in bringing her back to the beautiful boat she was. We still haven’t been able to locate a hull number, do have a sail number, so maybe…

Currently, Kippis is still suspended in my barn, awaiting a new trailer from a local metalwork shop. Maybe…MAYBE… she’ll be ready for launch this fall, more likely next spring. Will send photos when she’s in the water.

JB Crane

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  1. We’ve come to a temporary halt in restoration of the Kippis because our boatbuilder moved to the east coast to a property he inherited. We’re currently trying to find another, and are looking into talking to one of the boatbuilding schools to see if they’d like a class project. (We’ve taken a class at Woodenboats in Brooklin, ME. but that’s a long way to tow a boat from St. Louis.) Anyone have any suggestions?

    What we do have done gives a hint of the beautiful boat she’ll be.

    JB and David Crane

  2. Hello! Your boat is very likely designed by Gustav Estlander and must be built in about 1928-1930. For further info please e-mail me!

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