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The Emperor’s New Boat is SOLD!

Lancea matches in specification to the 22 square meter boat designed by Knud Reimers for the Emperor of Annam in 1928.

  • Length 36′
  • Length, water-line 22′ 7″
  • Beam 6′
  • Draft 4′ 3 1/4″
  • Sail Area 236 sq. ft.

Lancea is in fine shape and has been in storage for the last four years following a freshen up at the boat yard.  This site is working with the owners to present as much information about the condition and history of Lancea as possible.   Please comment with any information you may have about this interesting sailboat.

Please direct inquiries to George Fisher at or 503-224-7730 Pacific Standard Time

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  1. Brian Rasmussen

    Below is some information about Lancea from a square meter enthusiasts in Massachusetts.

    I was happy to discover your beautifully updated SquareSkerry site yesterday.

    Vis a vis your current listing for Lancea I wanted to let you know that the Emperor’s 22 kvm was built in 1935, not 1928 as the listing states. As you may know, Reimers did not start his practice until Estlander’s death in1930. The Swedish Maritime Museum has a trove of correspondence and drawings for this boat, from which a few items are attached. As you will see from them, Reimers received the order from the Emperor Bao Dai in July 1935. The boat was shipped to Hue on November 13 of that year. This is not to suggest that Lancea is not the emperor’s boat, just that 1928 can’t be her build date if she was. I suspect this is a simple mixup that occurred before the Swedish archives were as readily available.

    Thanks for your efforts on behalf of these beautiful boats!

  2. I have become the new owner of Lancea. I’ve put lots of photos of her inside and out at She’s in great condition, sails and all. Should be sailing this summer. She’ll be on Cayuga Lake, sailing out of Ithaca NY. I believe she’s the most beautiful boat I’ve ever seen firsthand. Congratulate me!

    • Dave,

      Congratulations indeed! Your Flickr photos show Lancea looking like an absolute gem. I am the person who found the Swedish archival material and relayed this to Chris. There were about 60 pages of letters plus high res scans of the original drawings. I assume you have all this now, but if not, I’d be happy to send it.

      Brad Bellows
      Cambridge MA

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