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Sonja S200/US22 – SOLD

2015 is turning into the year that you finally get the chance to buy that square meter boat you have been needing.  So far this year two boats have gotten new owners who will preserve them and sail them for many years to come.  Last month it was a surprise to find out that a significant boat from the Detroit area is for sale.  Rich VanValkenburg has decided to sell his 22 sqm boat Sonja after almost 40 years!  An appraisal is being done on Sonja and in the next few weeks the appraisal and price will be made available.  Sonja was restored in 2007 and after a few seasons of sailing was put into storage.  If you want detailed information about Sonja and to express your interest please call Rich at 586-413-3338.  He is also available via email at


Sonja was a high school graduation gift for Todd W. Fredricks from his father who imported her from Sweden in 1937.  Sailing Sonja Mr. Fredricks won the Mercer Bowl for the first time in 1940.




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  1. Former “L’il Singva” owner TJ here checking in. Glad to hear Skip Tomlin’s “Josephine” has found a new home. Any chance I could get the new owner’s contact info?

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