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Sorry Jim!

I apologize Jim for not posting about your restoration sooner. At the end of August Jim Faugust gave me the grand tour of the refit he is doing of Britta. I have included some of the pictures I took during my visit, but my memory is not what it used to be. Jim maybe you could comment on this post and explain the photos and give us an update on Britta?

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  1. The Britta (S 167) Project is underway. The two owners, Jim Faugust and John Kropp, see the second photo, I am to the left as you view the photo, John, my brother in law is to the right.

    Photos left to right provide a good look at Britta’s lovely lines. She is an Eklund design out of the Eastlander office in 1931 and she is a sister ship to Brad Jirka’s 22 square Javelin. Her house and decks have been pulled giving access to her frames and floor timbers. She has 52 sets of frames of approximately 1 1/4″ white oak. Her mahogany planks are copper fastened with rivets and roves as the photos show. 10 frames on the starbd side required attention, three replaced and the others scarphed into the original frames and glued (not to the planking) in place making for a very clean appearance. Britta has no ugly sisters!

    The remaining photos show the copper rivets, as well as a photo of the new fur dek planking on the trailer (original decks were fur as well) which will be laid over newly reframed decks and Italian Okume ply.

    This restoration is our project, not one where we just manage from afar and write the checks to the yard, but one where we get involved with our shipwright, ponder decisions, consult, assist and when the task is beyond us, our trustee shipwright takes over as we watch in awe.

    • Jim how much further along is the restoration than when I saw it? Did you find a source for the brass fasteners that you were looking for?

  2. Ah, that was silicon bronze not brass, and yes we did. We are now into replacing the mast step base with new white oak timber though the original was mighty solid. removal gives us access below as we want to replace, and extend new laminated floors athawart ship beyond the originals. Having fun with this restoration…

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