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Will the real Monica please stand up?

The owner of the 22 square meter boat Kippis passed along her sail number today.  You probably already guessed that it is a duplicate to a sail number assigned to another 22 square meter.

Our list of 22 square meter boats in North America lists the sail number S-202 to the sailboat Monica which is in Wisconsin.

This is a request for comments concerning the identity of the boat S-202 “Kippis”.  The class designation on the sail may help it is a U over the number 22 over a bar which is over the number 9.

32′ Length
6′ Beam
26.5′ LWL
4.5 Draft


mainsail from Kippis
mainsail from Kippis
Kippis sail
Kippis sail

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  1. As relayed by owner of Monica#1
    Hi Brian , Not sure how helpful I can be. My 22 had new sails built in 1978 that were 202. I am hoping to locate old cotton ones that came with boat and I am quite certain they had 202 on them as well. My boat was built at Kungsors by Oscar S….I do have a builder’s plate but have yet to find a hull # elsewhere….I am 42′ overall….a most sizeable 22 by standards. I would be curious to hear of S-121. I am in process of contacting family which I purchased from via the yard etc…that is quite some time ago and I am not holding my breath. Feel free to contact me anytime. Thanks and keep up the good work…truly excellent. Great Links !! Best to you.

  2. Hi Brian– About Kippis: a 22 SQM called Monica IV was built in 1935 at the Kungsors yard inSweden.Her deck length is 15 meters, water length 12 meters and a beam of 2.3 meters. The hull is numbered 202. If Kippis matches these dimensions and number, you likely have your boat. If the existing sail has the 22sqm 202 numbers it should be the boat. If not, let me know. George Fisher

  3. From the owner of Monica #2
    Hi Brian… I’ll have to do the LWL and draft measurements and get back to you. Length is 32 ft., beam is 6 ft.

    I wonder how the switched sail numbers occurred… our boat came from Wisconsin to this area 25 or 30 years ago, or so said the guy we bought it from. I wonder if the other boat might have been there as well, and somehow the sails were switched, or a used sail was purchased from the other owner (or maybe borrowed and not returned, or came from the “midnight sail store”,,, I’d hate to think the latter.)

  4. Hi Brian,
    The “U” designation is from the Chicago 22 sq meter Udell fleet designed by Reimers. U-9 is Grail, owned by the Rayments of Chicago since 1978. Grail was often stored and worked on in Wisconsin. I suspect the sail trade came while she was there. FYI: Grail was the second of the fiberglass 22’s built for Chicago Yacht Club members at Creekmore.

    It’s been awhile since I have signed in… I hope all is well with everyone and our boats…

  5. Brian,
    Just happened upon this. Yes U22. 9 is grail that I still own and still lives in Kenosha. She is looking for a new home and I would welcome someone who will take proper care of her.
    Hope all is well.

    • What condition is she in?

      What kind of money are we talking?

      Is there a road worthy trailer?



    • What are you asking?

    • Roland, I only recently noticed this website. Glad to hear you still own Grail. You and I must be among the top of the pack for the longest ownership of a Udell. I bought Kona (U2) in 1978 and after it was destroyed I bought U11 (which like a poor orphan, had several names – its now Kona2 (the 2 should be a superscript)). Still sailing it out of Belmont Harbor but winter storing it outside New Buffalo, Mi.


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