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Searching for a seefahrtcruizer of 1937

Hi there.
I wonder if anyone visiting your site might be able to help me…
I have been chasing a ‘windfall’ yacht for two years now, and have come to what might be a dead end – but perhaps some ‘windfall’ fan out there might just know something that I dont.
Here goes…
27 ton ketch/cutter rigged yacht/seefartcruizer original name ‘Seewolf’, built 1937 by Willy Von Hacht, Hamburg in 1937. One of two twins for theLuftwaffe, the other was ‘Seedrache’.
Subsequent names were ‘Husky’ ( Royal Engineers), then back to ‘Seewolf’, then renamed ‘Wave Sweeper’, which is the last name I have, when she was sold to American owners by a broker in Santa Barbara around 1978.
Legend has it that she is still around out there, possibly in Oregon State, but I can find no trace of her.
She left Lloyd’s registry before that date, and there is no trail there sadly. Its a long shot, but if anyone knows anything no matter how tenuous the connection, I would love to hear.
Many thanks to anyone who might be able to help.
email address is
john martin


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  1. If your Windfall is on the West Coast I think her location could be in the Newport, Oregon area. I live in Portland but have never have seen or heard of any yacht that looks like what you are looking for. For me, that means two possibilities: the Seattle area or Spokane/northern Idaho. Good luck.

    • Thank you George, for your reply.
      Sorry to be so long in acknowledging it, but I only saw it very recently.
      I shall follow up on your advice.

      Best regards,

      John Martin

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