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  • S200 Sonja is SOLD!!!!!!!!

    S200 Sonja is SOLD!!!!!!!!

    We look forward to reports of her activities.

  • A Bit of Boat History

    A Bit of Boat History

    This site follows up on any and all leads concerning the whereabouts of square meter boats in North America. Following up on these leads still gives us the ability to speak with past owners of these magnificent boats and collect their experiences and photos.

  • Launch of Hansia

    Launch of Hansia

    After four years and one month, US-44, formerly S-185, Hansia, fka Nagala was lowered into Puget Sound.

  • Generations of Boat Builders

    Generations of Boat Builders

    What follows is Ryan’s narration of his family’s boat building history. Enjoy!

  • VIXEN - Brooklin Boat Yard

    VIXEN - Brooklin Boat Yard

    VIXEN is a 15 square meter “skerry” boat designed by Knud Reimers

Everyone Pitches In!

Epiphany – S203 One of the enjoyable parts of working with this website and helping to keep track of the square meter boats in North America is the people I have made contact with over the past few years, but that pales in comparison to the excitement one feels when a previously thought to be lost boat magically reappears.  When ...

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A Bit of Boat History

U1 - Windjak

Windjak – U1 This site follows up on any and all leads concerning the whereabouts of square metre boats in North America.  Sometimes these leads turn out to be boats that are already known to us.  Following up on these leads still gives us the ability to speak with past owners of these magnificent boats and collect their experiences and ...

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Pilgrim US-39 Headed for Germany


In anticipation of the International Challenge Cup competition between the United States and Sweden in 1938 (the last international racing series in 30 Squares in the US), four sailors from the Beverly Yacht Club in Marion, Massachusetts, sponsors of the Cup, formed a syndicate that commissioned Harry Becker to design and build PILGRIM.  She arrived late and did not qualify ...

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Twice Owned

Monica S202

With the help of Jim Faugust this site has made contact with the two time owner of Monica S202.  From 1948 to 1978 Monica was sailed on Walloon Lake near Harbor Springs, Michigan.  In 1978 Monica was purchased by her current owner and was sailed to Menominee, Michigan.  Monica was reluctantly sold in 1983 and after being owned by a ...

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Benchmark Renewed in San Diego


Benchmark, Carl Koerner’s heavily modified Thirty Square out of Australia, recently completed significant structural work (go to Cam Wikland’s excellent Australian Thirty site listed in our menu for interesting photos of the work).  Carl sent us these photos he had taken in Benchmark’s home port of San Diego. The tell-tale lines of a Thirty hull are certainly  evident. What are ...

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Two Boats, Two Stories – Teal and Javelin

Javelin US24

The photograph above was most likely taken off of Belmont Harbor, Chicago during the late 1940’s when they were considered the “first two” 22s at the Chicago Yacht Club. Since then Javelin has been lucky enough to remain in the same sailing family since 1952 being own by Don and Doris Jirka and now by their son Brad Jirka. Javelin ...

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Sue Connolly

A History of the
Gull Lake Yacht Club

Not too many people who view this site knew Sue Connolly, a long time resident of Marblehead, Massachusetts.  Sue passed on October 29th.  She was 89 years old.  Her passing needs noting here because she immeasurably assisted this site in researching the history of Thirty Square Meters in Marblehead during the 1930s, complete with names, addresses, telephone numbers, photos, books ...

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Where have all the Udells gone?


U1 – Windjak Windjak is not being sailed at this time and is in Newport Beach California.  U1 is being well cared for but is in need of a new cabin and the planking near her keel needs to be replaced due to dry rot.  It will be next year before U1 will be in the water. U2 – Kona ...

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Launch of Hansina


November 6, 2009:  After four years and one month, US 44, formerly S-185, Hansina, fka Nagala, was lowered into the Puget Sound.  It happened on August 13th.  Kim Bottles, owner of US 51, Ceol Mor, made available a mooring for Hansina and took all of the attached photos, the “action shots” being her first sail in almost 20 years.  Hansina ...

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Vanja VI Sold


Vanja VI was sold to Tom Thornton of Kansas in September.  Vanja is presently on the hard in San Diego where it is possible she may remain for repairs.  It is also not yet known where she will end up for Tom’s sailing pleasure.  It’s pleasing another 30 will be given “The Treatment” bringing her up to Snuff.  Congratulations Tom! ...

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Auntie M

Auntie M Annapolis, Maryland

Brian Rasmussen of Wisconsin has been enthusiastically searching for Square Meters during the past few months, and has offered several ideas and strategies for locating and promoting Square Meters.  All of the ideas are good ones, his posting them on the Bulletin Board (Alas!  See above).  His work has paid off with his location of a very early 22 Square Meter ...

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Stormavala a “S30”

Stormavala S30

January 23, 2009:  The Thirty Square Rule results in all kinds of classically graceful boats.  A prime example is Keith Turner’s Stormavala, a “S30” fiberglass design drawn by Reimers in the early 1970s.  A  line drawing from Reimers’ brochure explains Stormvala’s good looks along with her vital statistics.  Keith sails out of Detroit.  He and Harry Levack of Port Huron ...

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Centennial Jubilee

150 Square Meter Aurore Beatrice

The webmaster for the SSKF, Dennis Wetterberg, sent this site some of his favorite photos from last summer’s Centennial Jubilee.  Here’s a sampling:   (View Count 395)

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Christmas snow!

Merry Christmas 2008

A rare “real” winter storm arrived in Washington state, and the rest of the Pacific Northwest this past week, creating a Christmas card of Kim Bottles’ 30 Ceol Mor.   (View Count 292)

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HALLELUJAH! Big news from SquareSkerryYachts Land: Hansina, long featured on this site as the Thirty Square Metre of the Perpetual Reconstruction (see additional photos below) now has her first coat of bottom paint.  This is going to take getting used to.      The above photo shows the keel immediately prior to paint;  five coats of epoxy sanded many, many times.  ...

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