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  • S200 Sonja is SOLD!!!!!!!!

    S200 Sonja is SOLD!!!!!!!!

    We look forward to reports of her activities.

  • A Bit of Boat History

    A Bit of Boat History

    This site follows up on any and all leads concerning the whereabouts of square meter boats in North America. Following up on these leads still gives us the ability to speak with past owners of these magnificent boats and collect their experiences and photos.

  • Launch of Hansia

    Launch of Hansia

    After four years and one month, US-44, formerly S-185, Hansia, fka Nagala was lowered into Puget Sound.

  • Generations of Boat Builders

    Generations of Boat Builders

    What follows is Ryan’s narration of his family’s boat building history. Enjoy!

  • VIXEN - Brooklin Boat Yard

    VIXEN - Brooklin Boat Yard

    VIXEN is a 15 square meter “skerry” boat designed by Knud Reimers

While we wait!

While awaiting the more detailed presentation on this website of the history and present whereabouts and activities of 22 Squares, the thought occurred to us that there is no reason for not posting, in the meantime, the comments and photos 22 square owners and other aficionados have already contributed to this site.  This thought only reflects what is quickly becoming ...

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Hansina Update


Here are some photos taken prior to those posted late last month of the reconstruction of Hansina, S-185, US 44.  They were taken in August before the deck substrates were installed.   Apart from repair of the wood keel, the mast partner area has been the most time consuming because the beam upon which the cabin rests was broken in ...

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Harry at the Jubilee

A History of the
Gull Lake Yacht Club

This site has received a disk full of photos by Harry Levack of Port Huron.  He took them during his participation in the Square Meter Jubilee in Sweden last July and August.  It’s going to take a little time to prepare a presentation, but it is in the works. Harry Levack at the helm of Renaissance. Kim Bottles and his ...

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Hansina Update


Some progress photos on US 44-Hansina:       The lead “dogs” on the afterdeck hold down the last piece of the top layer of plywood before the 1/4 inch teak strips can be be applied . The top layer used epoxy and screws at each deck beam.    The cabin and the cockpit coaming are the same piece of lumber.  The ...

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