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  • S200 Sonja is SOLD!!!!!!!!

    S200 Sonja is SOLD!!!!!!!!

    We look forward to reports of her activities.

  • A Bit of Boat History

    A Bit of Boat History

    This site follows up on any and all leads concerning the whereabouts of square meter boats in North America. Following up on these leads still gives us the ability to speak with past owners of these magnificent boats and collect their experiences and photos.

  • Launch of Hansia

    Launch of Hansia

    After four years and one month, US-44, formerly S-185, Hansia, fka Nagala was lowered into Puget Sound.

  • Generations of Boat Builders

    Generations of Boat Builders

    What follows is Ryan’s narration of his family’s boat building history. Enjoy!

  • VIXEN - Brooklin Boat Yard

    VIXEN - Brooklin Boat Yard

    VIXEN is a 15 square meter “skerry” boat designed by Knud Reimers